Meet Dchannel

Dchannel is Uk Based Dropshipping and distributing platform,Offering cross-border ecommerce solution, commiting to helping Uk sellers quicky and easily launch their online buisness.
To be our member, the only thing you need to do is seeling our products to your customers.Dchannel will ship the package directly to your customer based on your order information.
For our customer, when we receiver order our team work hard to provide the best quality products and deliver the package based on your order information asap.

Why Dropshipping?

Business the Risk-free Way

The single biggest advantage offered by drop shipping is that retailers only place orders after they have received orders. In short, drop shippers conduct business without inventory. Now, you can order only what you need, when you need it and without any MOQ restrictions. This convenience ensures that retailers are also able to quickly add new products to their online portfolio; they are able to test new and exciting products without the inventory risk of over stocking or slow sales in specific product lines. This risk-free strategy increases your responsiveness to changing market demands, removes the possibility of stocking out of date products, as well as add the very latest products at the earliest possible time for competitive advantage.

A world of Choice at Your fingertips

In business, timing is everything: the secret of success is to choose the right product at the right time. With dozens of the top suppliers integrated into our own network, a vast portfolio of products – including the very latest in cutting edge consumer electronics and fashion forward apparel – is available to you and your customers. More SKUs means more choice, increased traffic to your site and ultimately more orders. We also offer exclusive brands in electronics and clothing; by giving your customers access to these items, online retailers can significantly improve customer loyalty, face less competition and increase market share while generating guaranteed profits.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Retailers only need to use 20% of their time to complete 80% of work with the help and support of Dchannels. All of that saved time could be used in more effective and productive ways, such as conducting market research, building strong SEO and managing critical customer relationships.

Why Choos Us?

1) Maximum Choice

Dchannels is an established leading global drop shipping platform. By offering direct access to hundreds of thousands of the most popular products lines, with new and exciting arrivals added daily at the very lowest prices, Dchannels bring a world of online opportunity direct to you, tailored to meet the exacting needs of your customers and key markets.

2) Wholesale pricing

Fully leveraging our integrated supply network of key manufacturers and agencies, developed over many years of business, Dchannels is able to consistently achieve wholesale cost savings that other platforms are simply unable to. We ensure our global customer base benefits directly by having any and all cost savings passed on for the highest possible discounts. This maximizes value to deliver the largest possible profit scope for every one of our customers.

3) High Quality Description

Your satisfaction always matters to us. The highest priority is given to the quality of every single product available on Dchannels, the majority of which are manufactured by major brand suppliers. This attention to detail extends to our highly trained, professional QC technicians who rigorously control, execute and monitor every aspect of our stringent internal quality control processes and systems. We never compromise on quality and ensure every product dispatched is in perfect condition.

4) Dispatched within 24 Hours

Our drop shipping platform has a truly global reach servicing customers in more than over 200 countries. We benefit directly from partnerships with leading global couriers including DHL, EMS and special express to facilitate your shipping timeframes and deadlines. Every item in each package is carefully checked by highly trained technical staff before being securely packed for safe dispatch; this prevents items from being damaged during transit. Our promise is your customer’s guarantee.

5) Business Made Easy

Many aspiring entrepreneurs would love to have and manage their own successful business. However they are limited by budget constraints or unreliable suppliers. Dchannels removes these limits by offering you an opportunity to fulfill your dream of starting your own business with minimal capital and no front-loaded risks.

How We Work?

1) Find your favorite products,list them on your website, Ebay/Amazon Store.

Discover popular products that you would like to sell on your website. Organize them into your personal inventory and download the product information. List the products on your website or online store; import hundreds of products in minutes instead of spending days or even longer. After all, time is money.

2) Process the sale with us

Once you have filled your store with the products you want, your business begins. Just wait for customers to place orders. After a customer has submitted an order, log in to your Dchannels account and order the corresponding products at a specially reduced drop shipping price.

3) Products shipped directly to your customer

Your work is done after you finish payment. We are responsible for checking, packing and shipping the products directly to your customer’s door. This means you never waste any time or energy dealing with these tasks; likewise, you never have to deal with storage fees, packaging costs or labor overheads.

4) Sell again , profit again (and again)

Dchannels will always be your premier one-stop platform to help to build and grow your business with. Start up your own business with minimal capital and risk. Sell again and again, making profit every time. It’s easy with Dchannels.