Dchannel is an established leading global drop shipping platform.You have access to thousands of products to sell at your store.Please visit the following website to learn detailed information: Dropshipping

You can do dropshipping business from dchannel through ebay/amazon. It's all automated such as order fulfillment and tracking number synchronization .Once there is an order in your store, we can grab it and ship it to your customer within 24 hours. After we shipped, our system will mark the tracking number to your order.

The process is all automated such as order and tracking number synchronization.You don't need to place one order on dchannel and send it manually to your customer.All the work will be done by dchannel including shipping and pushing tracking number to your ebay/amazon store.After Every 15days we send you the invoce for all orders fullfill by us ,What you need to do is pay for the purchase order on dchannel.

Currently Dchannel supports the following platforms: eBay, Amazon.

1) If there is any quality problem during the use of the product, please provide the product picture or video to contact customer service for verification and processing within 15 business days from the date of receipt;
2) If the product is damaged during transportation, you need to provide product pictures or video to contact customer service for verification and processing within 7 working days from the date of receipt;
3) The above problems needs to be feedback within the after-sales period, otherwise we have reason to believe that the product problem is damaged artificially, and it will not be processed.

SKU mapping is to facilitate users to sync orders to ensure the warehouses can ship normally.
1) when publishing the dchannel products, the user is using the custom SKU instead of dchannel SKU, which will cause the system to fail order sync.
2) If you want to sync order, you need to establish a mapping relationship on Dchannel, that is to link the SKU of your platform with the dc-SKU